The Evolving of what is Termed Communication Worker

When this organization first started we envisioned ourselves being a relatively small trade union. At first we only had 200 members but we could not have predicted the rise of the Information age and what it would entail. After the year 2001 – if there wasn’t all ready a big enough explosion the classification of what a communication worker is s well as the different sub entities of communication worker had mushroomed.

At first we thought we would simply be the TCP/IP service workers as well as those working in traditional telephony but that wasn’t enough. The problem was that things were getting very technical and few people knew what to do and what a communication worker even entailed.

Soon we were stretched thin in our attempt to provide resources and help to people across so many disciplines – after all how could you offer any type of consistent career advice when the trade union would have a person of a different career for every different member.

So – and that didn’t stop with the fact that many competing organizations were springing up that would niche into a category. Simply put we were not setup to be as big or have as many members as what we had initially envisioned.

The good thing is that now we are putting our site back and working to be able to accommodate all the members that wanted to join – however we also have to think about what exactly a communication worker is.

So we have settled on these two definitions:

– Someone that works on TCP/IP protocols for information transfer over internet or wireless cables
– Anyone who works in telephony systems and wire management

Actually when we first started we were only looking to work with someone who was into telephony – however as the sector expanded – and working in telephony meant also working in technology we have had to expand to technology also. Since most phone companies now have shifted into the digital age – and surprisingly a lot of the communication that is used in telephone is now used on the internet also – in fact many of the fundamental technological foundations to Internet’s initial data transfer started on telephone – and many advancements have first been made in telephony and then moved to internet adoption.

We do not want to exclude anyone but we also must look at what exactly – as far specialty – we can serve. And so we ask you to enjoy our trade union if you fit in to these categories and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Please fill out the contact from in the menu above to get in contact with us – please provide your full name, occupation and we will send you a starter kit.

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Why Belong To Communications Workers of America

CWA, the largest telecommunications union in the world, represents more than 700,000 works in the private and public sector employees in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. More than 1200 chartered CWA local union are affiliated.

CWA holds more than 2000 collective bargaining agreements outlining wages, benefits, and working conditions for its members.

CWA contracts cover health and medical insurance, pensions, wages and overtime pay, vacations, holidays, sick leave policies, training and education funds, employment security and grievance procedures and arbitration rights. Many also provide for child and family care, uniform allowances, tool and equipment benefits, bereavement pay and differentials for certain job types or hours of work.

CWA membership means representation on the job every day of the year.  Union job stewards are trained to deal with workplace issues and handle individual grievances at the job site.  In addition, CWA Local officers and professional staff are trained and experienced in such areas as workplace health and safety, handling arbitration cases and legal concerns, economic research, education and employment counseling, contract negotiation, and more global development and investment in telecommunications and other industries.

Don’t get left behind and make sure to join our union – our contact details can be found on the Contact Page – we are available at all times to answer your questions and assist you in helping to get this organisation built up again to ensure that everyone has a fair go.

Make sure to support us and we will make sure to support you.

God Bless and I hope you all have a great day!

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